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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 6, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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schedule. your testament and writings to me are beyond touching. if you like it, tell your friend. that's all the time we have left. we will never be the destroy trump media. laura ingraham is next. clarence thomas, president trump. general kelly. who did you use tonight to out-book us? >> paul ryan. >> sean: i had him a couple of weeks ago. did you see the motive? >> laura: i have not seen the movie. me a screener. >> sean: i will give you the $15. i will give you the $100. >> laura: no i am take my kids. i am proud of you.
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>> sean: thanks for your hard work. take it from here. i want to go home. i am done. >> laura: see you later. i am laura ingraham. thanks for joining us tonight. pure evil. what was on display yesterday morning inside the first lady church in sutherland springs, texas, when a gunman killed 26 and wounded 20 during sunday's service. the victims ranged from 18 months old to 77 years old and included the pastor's 14 years old. the killer 26 devin kelley began shooting around 11:30 a.m. 30 minutes after the service began. kelley entered the sanctuary and gunned down his systems. many at point blank range. authorities collected of hundreds of shell casing and 15 magazines that held 30 rounds
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each. joining us now from sutherland springs, mike jordan, whose son witnessed the attack and is close friends with the man who confronted this killer and likely prevented for carnage and the texas attorney general ken paxton. mike, your son came face-to-face with the killer is so distraught. he was schedule to join us. i don't blame him for being too distraught and don't want to deal with this anymore. thank you, sir, for joining us. please tell us how he is coping and what he has told you about what he came face-to-face with. >> well, he is coping with it. it's difficult. a lot of his friends, people he has known all his life died in this tragedy yesterday. we were interviewed one after
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another. after going through the vigil here in sutherland springs earlier, he is at the breaking point. he nearly dodged 3 bullets that went through his house and his son was in the house 4 feet away from one bullet that came through his wall. he is out of it. he will be okay, but it will take time. >> laura: did he go into the church? >> he did -- the shooter was engaged by another person and left the scene. my son has medical training. he went in to the church to help the wounded. anybody we could help. >> laura: i saw him in one interview, he said i can't verbalize what i saw. that's how bad and grizzly it was. and the victims very young to very old.
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>> oh, yeah. yeah. we had children that were killed. elderly that were killed. a good friend of my daughter's, her entire family was killed in this incident. >> laura: 8 people in one family? >> yes, exactly. to walk in and see that and to know after the effect that he saw it, and find out later, these people are people he knew. people that him and my daughter grew up with. it's heard to deal with. it really is. >> laura: let's bring in the attorney general of texas ken paxton. texas has been through a lot of natural disasters. the hurricanes, the flooding and now this. how the communicate there coping? what potential policy changes are anything can you do on a governmental level given the mental health of this individual
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and what we now know that the air force did not do? his name was not entered into a background check registery as it should have been. what are the authorities in texas saying tonight? >> texans are resilient. you saw how they handled the hurricane and flooding that occurred over a weeklong period of time. i think texas organized and came to the rescue in the aftermath and just through the weeks. this will be no different. we will stand behind these people. you will see lots of support from the state and lots of support from charities and individuals. i think ultimately, we will be here for those people for a long time. as far as what we can do, we have laos the book right now that stop people in a technical sense from carrying in a church now. for small churches, we will have to change the law to make it
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more clear you can carry in a church so this gives first responders time to show up especially in a rurral community. we have to rethink this and have churches and businesses and schools think about how to deal with this in the future. >> laura: it's against the law in texas to bring a gun into a church? >> the way it works now. you can't bring a concealed weapon into a church. however the church has to provide you notice. if you are just reading the statute you would see yourself as not being able to do it, but can you do it unless you are given notice. we need to make that more clear. it's likely people don't carry because of the statute. >> laura: michael from what you have been able to discern, was anyone in that church, anyone who survived, was anyone carrying? i would be surpriseed in texas
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if there wasn't an individual in that church who carried a fire arm into the church law or no law. that's an odd law. they were hit from behind. they had no chance to react even if they had a gun. hard to react when you are shot from behind. >> one of the points here, there was an individual that my son knew personally. normally he carries. but small town. people show up to church and leave their guns in a car. you don't expect this to happen. this day his wife stayed home. he was not feeling good. he left his fire arm with you. i will go to church today. he survived. he was grazed by a bullet but survived. what if he didn't leave that fire arm at home in the church?
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yes, you have a psychoshooting from the outside in. think about that. if you have one person on the inside that is armed to return fire, it may not have stopped people from dying, but it would have stopped that many people from dying. it would have been a distraction. somebody is shooting at me. what do i do now? >> laura: mike, what the american left is saying is that republicans have blood on their hands because they are bought and paid for by the nra. that's what they are saying tonight. >> really? well, that's amazing. because the nra has lots of great promise for children. they teach fire arm training. the nra, republicans, no one is responsible for this. the left keeps putting blame. today a very good friend of mine engaged -- yesterday, excuse me, engaged the shooter with his
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ar-15. ran from his home to the shooting site less than a block from the house. he engaged the shooter with his ar-15 and shot the guy. we know for a fact he shot him 2 to 3 times. it stopped him. the shooter got in his vehicle. my friend shot him again. they pursued and later down the road after a chase, the guy crashed and that was the end of it. we think about it this way. right now the count is 26 people we lost yesterday in this tragedy. there were many more people in that church. if he had not engaged that shooter with his fire arm, if the liberals have their way, and we are not able to protect ourselves and he was not able to do what he did, think about how many more people would have died. my son who lives across the street, think about what would have happened there? what is that guy pursued him,
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his wife and his grandson? >> laura: thanks for joining us, both of you. when the gunman emerged from the church, two brave civilians gave chase. on the left is johnnie langendorf. he was saw the gunman exchanging fire with this man on the right steven. a former nra instructor who engage the gunman. last year there were 276 cases of justifiable homicide in the united states. in other words, a good guy with a gun stopped an aggressor. joining us now from new york with more on the importance of this is brandon webb, a former navy seal and self-defense expert. you heard it from mike jordan whose son came face-to-face with this depraved killer. demonic.
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i have to use that word tonight. his father said thank god we have good people who are proficient with firearms used and stopped him from doing a lot more damage. >> absolutely. i think in most states where you have favorable gun laws, the chances of citizens stopping a situation like this is a lot better than states with restricted gun laws. the 2012 there was a gunman that stormed a church in south carolina and an armed church goer prevented a mass shooting in that situation. i have trained a lot of snipers in the seal teams from texas. one thing they have in common, they can shoot straight. what he did to stand up and take action and engage that shooter, that guy is a hero. >> laura: if you are in a place like a church and you are
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looking forward and someone shooting at you from behind, you are not expecting to get shot when you go to church. someone whose, carrying a 9 millimeter 45. you know how to use it. it's still very difficult in that circumstance, is it not, with all of that chaos, to drop, roll and assume the position and try to take out a shooter who you might not be able to see? >> correct. the thing in these situations -- last year i was at jfk when they had a mass shooting. i was off the plane from germany. complete chaos. you have to take personal responsibility to get out of that situation. in the military we call it get off the x. you need to make a quick
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assessment and take action. just sitting there won't do any good. the fact you for in horrible situation where you are have been ambushed, it's a terrible situation, the world we live in. i am in new york city. we have that crazy guy running people over on halloween. people have to be better prepared. i think they need to think about these situations beforehand and talk to their family members. if we for a situation where this crazy person is doing something like this, this is a plan. it's as simple as assessing the situation and taking action and create distance. >> laura: would you recommend to women try to be responsible for your own safety? get trained. would you recommend that today?
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>> absolutely. we do a lot of content to be better prepared. we have a club to be better prepared. in that jfk situation we created a bulletproof insert for backpacks. i would want some sort of shield to put in a bag and have with me all the time. there are plenty of of things you can carry and read up on. >> laura: we appreciate. it thank you very much. when we come back, how offering thoughts and prayers for the texas victim's church attack is a new battleground for bigotry. at a state of the unioned. ta each year sarah climbs 58,007 steps.
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>> laura: hostility to people of faith is the subject of tonight's "angle." >> ♪ >> laura: in the aftermath of the church massacre in texas, all of us were outraged and heart broken. across social media politicians and concerned americans everywhere remembered the victims and offered the grieving families of sutherland springs their thoughts and prayers.
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almost immediately celebrities and certain media times rushed to ridicule and demean that religious sentiment. actor michael mckeon wrote. they were in church. they had the prayers shot right out of them. maybe try something else. stephen king, tweeted: enough with praying. time to start legislating. the hostility to faith affects the popular culture. they not only disparage people of faith but targets them because of it. entertainment and media caricature people like those in the church in sutherland springs as intolerant bible thumpers when they are actually the best of america. they may not number the gym with
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personal trainers, but they will put their own lives on the line and pick up a long gun and save their neighbors. if you pay close attention, these elites are not only trying to politicize this tragedy but disparaging the faith of the people killed in those pews. act actor will wrote the murdered victims were in a church. if prayer did anything, they would still be alive. you worth less sack of -- so prayer is incapable of doing anything. so if they were having brunch, they might still be here? was that your point, wil. no wonder he spells his name with only 1 l
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amy barrett was grilled by her catholic face. durbin asked if she considered herself an orthodox children. he didn't mention she has 7 children. diane feinstein suggested that the dogma lives loudly within you and that's a concern. can you imagine either of those senators trying that on a muslim court nominee. barrett was confirmed. good. this is an intimidation campaign that has been tried and tried again even on yours truly. i didn't know about this until a few days ago. following the debut of this show last week, a bright light at the
7:22 pm dubbed he the church lady! that's funny because i appeared before the audience in purple vestments, that's a dress, that highlighted the gleaming gold cross on my chest. there it is. see it. really powerful. as expected, the author is a former "new york times" employee and a segment producer for keith oberman. a football coach in georgia can't participate in any student led prayer before or after or during a football game. he can't pray at all in his official capacity as a coach. the school board directive came only after the freedom from religion foundation filed a complaint. the athiests are not happy
7:23 pm
unless they tramp on religious liberty. we better be very careful. remember the declaration of independence, all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain rights. our natural rights are not dependant on the government but on god. that's what undergirds this country and sustains. if you don't agree, you for my thoughts and prayers. get over. it that's the "angle." joining us with reaction in washington is talk show host ja milla and from new york jerry murray, pastor at the church of the holy family. welcome to both of you. i didn't know about this goofy observer guy who is offended by
7:24 pm
a cross i have been wearing for 10 years -- no, 15 years. it was stolen so i got it replaced. you can wear tattoos and a nose ring, but if you wear a cross, you are a threat. jamilla, you are a well known athiest quoteed in the michael phelps. -- in the "new york times." tell me what i got wrong? >> i don't think you got a lot wrong. i think you did not about far enough. let me ask you this. your kid needs medical treatment and the doctor says i am a jehovah witness and it's against my belief they give your child a profusion. let us pray while he bleeds out
7:25 pm
and dies. >> laura: that's not government action. let's focus to the issue on hand want the idea that an individual who is a person of faith can or should be routinely mocked, ridiculed and intimidated and grilled for that faith by sitting senators who are in the senate when a daily prayer is read every day. why they should be able to grill her on her faith? they would never grill an individual on another things. sexual orientation, racial and ethnic background. if that was done, rightly, they would be condemned. but someone's faith it's open season on faith. why is that the case? why is that okay? >> it's not okay to grill someone because they have a religious belief.
7:26 pm
it's wrong to discriminate because of that. it needs to be pointed out and said hey, are you capable of legislateing in a beneficial way for all americans, for those who don't believe that jesus died for your signs. >> laura: your dad is a muslim and your mom is a catholic. that's huge. >> it is. i married a person whose background is jewish. i love everybody! people are great. i personally see no evidence of god or gods in the sky. however, if you love america, if you love americans, you have to allow us to be free to enjoy that. >> laura: we celebrate your ability to think differently. i have no problem with that. father, i need you to get in on this. i don't like the fact we have in our society an increasing
7:27 pm
willingness to demean those who are believers. you see it in films and in tv shows and in columns. i don't care about the stupid column. to me it's hilarious. this is all you got? that i wear a cross? take it away. >> well, the point, laura, is clear. religion and christianity is viewed as a threat a so many liberals because they think the christian way of life prevents them from getting what they want. christians pray for those who disaagree with us. atheism is not the path we need to follow. for those people to mock people who were killed in church
7:28 pm
praying? they were killed by an athiest. god was who they were praying who does god will give them their eternal reward. laura, you deserve credit for wearing your cross. those who take offense are trying to promote their own way of life. >> laura: and those tweets in response to paul ryan and all americans, we are praying for the victims. >> it is a level of nastiness. there is no place for it. >> laura: here's the thing i need to you understand -- we are out of time of. my point is, if you disagree, fine. try to be a little more agreeably. >> we need legislation. >> no, we need prayer. >> laura: the nation was founded on godley principles.
7:29 pm
we in no declaration of independence without the almighty. >> amen, laura. >> laura: if you believe that's a crock, the whole beginning of the declaration? >> we have to drill down on what a creator. bring me back. >> laura: sorry. the left leaderboard out at paul ryan for sending thoughts and prayers to the victims and speak ryan joins us after this. of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> laura: house speaker paul ryan is leading the republican charge to take on the daunting task of tax reform. i spoke to speaker ryan in his office about it. first we begin with his reaction to yesterday's horrific shooting
7:34 pm
in texas. thank you, mr. speaker for spending time with us. >> congratulations on the new gig. >> laura: thank you very much. a difficult day yesterday. the texas church killer. turns out he was separated from the air force for bad conduct. did a year in prison and then the air force never hut his name on the instant background check. he was able to buy 4 guns. >> and he was convicted of domestic violence. >> laura: and child abuse. >> he was not supposed to get a gun in the first place. that's that is frustrating. the laws are on the books. you have to execute the law. >> laura: there should be consequences to the air force? >> yes they are doing a quick scramble.
7:35 pm
>> laura: yes. people are dead. >> the law is on the books to prevent a person like this from getting a gun. that doesn't happen. a lot of questions the air force has to answer. >> laura: anyone separated from the military with a bad conduct discharge, should they be able to buy a fire arm? >> there are dishonorable discharges and others. you have to be careful what that means. this was domestic abuse. we have laws on the books that those people can't buy guns. this was clear cut. >> laura: the results of all of this is social media. people are going crazy and saying horrible things. you sent out a tweet calling for prayers which many of us did. the reaction in the celebrity world to your call for prayers, saying this is the republican's
7:36 pm
fault and they were praying. maybe it's time to do something other than prayer, speaker ryan. blaming the gop. >> it's disappointing and sad. this is what you get from the far left. people don't have faith don't understand faith i would have to say. the right thing to do is pray. prayer works. i know you believe that and i believe that. when you hear the secular left doing this thing. no wonder you have so much polarization in this country. >> laura: the man who was the hero in this was an nra member and knew how to use a weapon and saved the lives of many others. the criticism from pelosi is republicans are bought and paid for from the nra. sav saved. we will never ban bump stocks. you say?
7:37 pm
>> on that issue, do we believe in the constitution and the second amendment rights? if you are trying to exploit a tragedy to infringe on law-abiding citizens second amendment rights? we don't want to do that. the authorities have to do their jobs. we passed a comprehensive mental illness reform. if you want to use a tragedy to take away a law-abiding citizen's rights that's a different question. >> laura: the tax bill. on the left and right you sustained big criticism. the "wall street journal" said this bubble bracket results in tax brackets that are up wards of 50%. this will pave the way for
7:38 pm
higher brackets. is this hillary clinton in office? >> we are not for higher brackets. everyone across the board enjoys a tax cut. the bubble rate says the millionaires don't get the tax cut aimed for low and middle-class people. it is saying we want to preserve middle-class tax cuts. a person in the top bracket, [overlapping talking]. they still get lower tax. that's the point. we don't like high tax rates either. we are trying to make all of this work. getting taxes down on businesses and jobs to level the playing field. the goal of the tax cut is to aim it to the middle-class. >> laura: upper income not getting a tax cut? >> not a tax rate cut. the president was clear about this. i don't want the top
7:39 pm
millionaires getting a big rate cut. >> laura: isn't that buying into class war far mentality. you had a border adjustment tax to raise revenue and allow for true reform. who stopped that tax which most countries have? who stopped that? >> i would say it was the retail retailers. we believe that was the smartest thing to do. i think it's a smart thing to do put american businesses on a level playing field with the rest of the world. that's behind us. we have consensus. the tax cut is an average of 1 $1182 for the average household in america. and then level the playing field for american businesses.
7:40 pm
this will create almost one million new jobs. >> laura: why change it today? >> that's a manager's amendment. he applied feedback. >> laura: it will be retroactive? >> we are looking at all sorts of things and taking feedback from colleagues. >> laura: do you think rates are too high in the united states? >> of course i do. >> laura: what should they be? >> i am an old flat taxer. >> laura: i think any individual can spend this much time working this hard and saying 46% in a certain income bracket. >> we are simplifying the tax system. 90% of americans will get to use this.
7:41 pm
getting rid of loop holes. >> laura: that's the big issue. >> it has to pass the house. >> laura: this is what happened with obamacare. you got it through. it dies in the senate because you have two people, senator mccain and senator flake who do not donald trump to an be a successful president. that's my belief. how concerned are you that for all of this work you have been doing, some people still don't like it, you did something. goes over to the senate and guys? how worried are you? >> i should have brought my other chart in my pocket. we passed more bills here in the house in the first 10 months of the trump administration than obama administration and both bushes. >> laura: what do you say to o'connell? >> this bill can't be filibustered.
7:42 pm
the bubble rate are because we is to follow the senate rules and here's what we did differently than health care. we agreed ahead of time what this would look like. ha this tax relief would look-alike like. >> laura: what about flake and mccain? >> they are part of the discussion. it's important that we deliver this for the american people and the fact we agreed ahead of time gives me optimism we will get this done. >> laura: congressional approval is 22%. why is congressional approval this low? >> because we haven't these things going yet. people want to see differences made. they want to see bills -- [overlapping talking].
7:43 pm
the final point. we push for these bills to improve people's lives. that's why we see ourselves in congress getting these things done. pushing them. get them over the finish line so people can see a real difference. >> laura: the bushes over the last 10 days have attacked donald trump. george hh.w. called him a blow hard. do you think that's helpful? >> i think republicans should stay unified. we have common beliefs. let's get things done. i see a president who is a risk taker and wants things done yesterday. i think that's good. >> laura: why are the bushes so upset? >> i have no clue. i have not talked to them.
7:44 pm
>> laura: that's not fair. is bush republican the wave of the future or more of a conservativism growing? >> get things done and improve people's lives. that's what i care about. >> laura: how is your personal relationship with the president? >> very good. he talk all the time. >> laura: you can call him any time? >> yes. >> laura: any time? >> he called me last week. we talk all the time. we talk about everything. policy and families. we talk about our kids and everything. >> laura: speaker ryan, we appreciate you taking some time. during our interview with speaker ryan, president trump was touchdown down in korea. a trip through asia.
7:45 pm
updates as they come. the republican gubernatorial candidate ed gillespie is here in the ever tightening race in virginia coming up. everyone age 65 and older needs to hear it. the flu, and its complications, can be deadly. especially for those with a chronic medical condition. ask your health care provider for a senior flu shot. do it today. before the flu becomes an emergency. ♪ ♪ you nervous? ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> laura: tomorrow voters across
7:49 pm
the country are heading to the polls. perhaps the most closely watched race in the battle is in virginia for governor. republican ed gillespie is trying to score major upset over the democrat ralph ralph northam. this is a contest that has gone both directions. tightened up. you are ahead in a butcher of polls. tell us what you are going to do to make the lives of the average virginia n better? >> first i will increase job creation by 25%. i have a plan to cut our individual income tax rates by 10% across the board. that hasn't been done since those tax rates were set in 1972. 45 years ago. we need those jobs and that opportunity. we are stuck in virginia. our economic growth rate is0.6%.
7:50 pm
we are 39th out of 50 states in economic growth. we should be first. i am confident we will win tomorrow. i feel the momentum. i have been everywhere over the past year. just in the past week. the crowds have been great and the enthusiasm and the energy is all on our side right now. >> laura: when you look at the landscape, among the electorate, a lot of anger out there. a lot of fight in the people for a lot of reasons. how does a governor deal with that? you have the gop and the populace and the left and they have their own problems. how do you deal with the anger? >> i put forward policies i know that are good for all
7:51 pm
virginians. i have 21 specific policies on my website that i know will increase job creation here and improve our schools. they will ease traffic congue conguestion and make our communities safer. as i talk to fellow virginians and policies and my solutions, can you talk to everybody about. that i take my campaign to every corn of the commonwealth. i am well received everywhere. they want to know how you will make our lives better? >> laura: i appreciate you joining us on the eve of the camp pain. you did not compain with donald trump but republicans are uniting and unifying. we look forward to reporting this race tomorrow. thank you very much. up next. >> it will be neck and neck. >> laura: the bush family lashes
7:52 pm
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if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> laura: the bushes bitter backlash. until donald trump came along, the republican party hadn't won since 2004. after that, it was pretty much all downhill. the g.o.p. went on to lose the house, the senate, and the presidency twice. the nation had become disillusioned by the enormous physical and financial toll of our interventions in iraq and afghanistan. grassroots voters rose up against george w. bush's immigration amnesty and his pal to the supreme court.
7:57 pm
now they are lashing out at donald trump. neither bush, we found out, voted for donald trump. george hw, and a new book, called trump a blowhard. 1,000 points of insult. george w jointed, he said he doesn't know what this guy -- this guy doesn't know what it means to be president. he said i don't like him, don't know much about him. this, coming from a guy, great patriot. he didn't exactly thrill lovely voters in 1992. bush 41 and bush 43, where were you when we needed you during obama's two terms? we needed you to speak out against outrages carried out on the american public. obamacare, benghazi, how about when the irs was targeting
7:58 pm
conservatives. where were you when we needed you? silent, totally silent. or did we have to read your lips? george w is worried that trump's tenure may mean we seen the last republican president. funny, that's what all of us thought in 2008 when w was doing the bailouts, had 26% approval rating and had us bogged down in two wars. until the tea party came around in 2009, conservatives fretted that the country was lost for a generation. the bush family apparently can't come to terms with the fact that the voters rejected their globalist worldview and have basically moved on. in recent years, the bush family has become pretty tight with the clinton's and obama's. they found more common ground with them than they have with the grassroots voters in their own party. if bush-era policies, open borders and open markets in
7:59 pm
endless wars, were so popular, the former two-term governor of florida, he was popular. jeb bush would've handily beaten donald trump in his home state primary. but we know how that ended, don't we? low energy indeed. do you remember the show dynasty? it worked because it had joan collins and john forsyth in their leading roles but the country had had it with the bush dynasty and what their policies have wrought on america. it wasn't personal. it was policy. the voters cancel that political show. no amount of grousing by the bitter bushes is going to change it. the voters are simply not that into them anymore. what i said in february of 2016 and wrote about in my new book turned out to be depressingly accurate. jeb and hillary should have just run on the same ticket.
8:00 pm
think about the bumper sticker. that's all the time we have. shannon bream is ready to take over with "fox news @ night" ." >> shannon: thank you, hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. this is a fox news alert. to the air force make a critical mistake that allowed the suspected gunman in the deadly texas church massacre to wrongly get his hands and multiple guns? the air force inspector general 's lodging investigation into the case of former airmen devin kelley's 2012 domestic violence convictions and why they weren't properly entered into the background check system that would've blocked his purchases. sunday's tragedy is the worst mass shooting in texas history. 26 people killed, 20 injured. some of them critically. families devastated. matt finn joins us from sutherland springs.


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